Furnace Repair and Installation Joliet, IL

The winter season in the Joliet area often comes with brutally cold temperatures and the best way to keep yourself protected from the extreme cold is with a fully functional furnace.  A Superior Heating and Cooling provides installation, repair, and maintenance services for furnaces and heating systems within homes and commercial buildings.  Our staff is licensed, bonded, and insured to install and repair furnaces of all makes and models and we also offer a furnace tune-up service to keep your heating system maintained in the winter.


Furnace Installation


A Superior Heating and Cooling sells and installs reliable, environmentally friendly furnaces and heating systems.  Our furnaces and heating systems are among the most energy efficient available and we can install central heating, radiant floor heating, or radiators in homes and commercial buildings.  These services also include planning and modernization of existing heating systems as well as the actual installation.  We begin our furnace installation by inspecting the home or business to determine which products would best suit the needs of the building.  After the inspection, we present the best available options to the customer that fit their needs and their budget.


Furnace Repair and Maintenance


In addition to our installation services, A Superior Heating and Cooling also provides repair and maintenance services for all types of furnaces and heating systems.  Our trained staff has the proper equipment and experience to repair malfunctioning component parts and we also provide furnace tune-ups and maintenance to ensure that your heating system stays functional through the winter.  These services include a thorough inspection of each component of the furnace or heating system such as the wiring, burners, heat exchanges, and condensate drains among others to locate and repair or replace parts that are not working properly. 


Common problems with furnaces and heating systems


Furnaces and heating systems are complex systems involving many component parts that could malfunction for a variety of reasons.  The following are the most common problems that may require maintenance or repair services for your furnace:

  • Thermostat: Sometimes the thermostat may malfunction and stop the furnace from producing heat.
  • Air Flow Problems: If there is poor airflow from the fan motors, belts, or bearings, this could cause the furnace to overheat or contribute to poor heating distribution.
  • Dirty or Clogged Air Filters: Clogged air filters could limit airflow and lead to problems.
  • Pilot or Ignition Control Problems: These problems could cause the heat to run intermittently or not at all.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Failure to perform regular maintenance could lead to breakdowns or inefficiency so make sure to contact us for furnace maintenance services.

A Superior Heating and Cooling offers 24 hour emergency service to provide emergency repair or maintenance services for your furnace.  Do not hesitate to contact us anytime if your furnace breaks down.  We also offer free estimates for all repair and installation services.