Water Boiler Installation & Repair Joliet, IL

If your home is heated by a hydronic heating system, then it is important to keep your water boiler functioning properly so that hot water is consistently circulated throughout your home.  A Superior Heating and Cooling provides installation services as well as repair and maintenance services for water boilers that are part of a hydronic heating system.  Our technicians have the necessary training and equipment to provide water boiler maintenance and install water boilers that are part of a hydronic or radiant floor heating system.


Water Boiler Installation


There are several varieties of water boilers available to suit both hydronic and radiant floor heating systems.  A Superior Heating and Cooling offers quality installation services for any type of water boilers in all hydronic based heating systems.  We make sure to inspect the property and heating system before an installation takes place and we help our customers choose a water boiler from our selection of energy efficient products that best suits the needs of their system and fits their budget.  All of the products we have available including our water boilers are durable and energy efficient.


Water Heater Repair and Maintenance


The technicians of A Superior Heating and Cooling also provide repair and maintenance services to keep water boilers functioning at their full potential.  We can service any type of water boiler such as oil fired and gas fired boilers in all types of hydronic heating systems including radiant floor heating.  Our technicians thoroughly inspect each component of the water boiler system including the radiator, baseboards, gas piping, and thermostats among others to repair or replace any components that are not functioning properly.  Remember that we offer 24 hour emergency service so do not hesitate to call us anytime if your water boiler malfunctions leaving you without heat. 


Importance of Water Heater Maintenance


Hydronic heating systems that involve water boilers use hot water to heat homes and buildings which could cause major accidents around the home if the system malfunctions.  These systems most commonly malfunction due to low water cutoffs and poor maintenance or corrosion but proper maintenance of the control and safety devices can keep them running efficiently.  The following are the common safety and control devices found on water boiler systems.

  • Safety Valves: This valve is designed to relieve the pressure of the boiler but it should only be used as a last resort.
  • Water Level Control and Low Water Fuel Cutoffs: These devices are often combined into a single component but are responsible for two separate functions; controlling the water level within the boiler and cutting off the fuel when the water level is low.
  • Fuel System: Most modern fuel systems are quite complex and may contain electronic and mechanical components.  If the equipment is not properly maintained, it could lead to problems such as low fuel efficiency, loss of heat transfer, or an explosion.


Remember to call us anytime for 24 hour emergency repair or maintenance services and you can contact us for a free quote on our water heater installation services.